It was founded in 1896 by Alderman William George Bean who's stated intention was to build an American Style Amusement Park. It is free to enter the park but visitors need to pay to go on the rides. All day wrist bands can be bought will allow people to go on as many rides as they want, and various promotions are available. Some of the most famous of the rides are: the Grand National, the Big Dipper, Rollercoaster, Steeplechase, and the Pepsi Max Big One. In addition there are extremely popular shows such as Forbidden and Hot Ice. With so many entertainment activities it is no surprise that the Pleasure Beach Blackpool consistently remains Britain's number one resort theme park, living up to its reputation as 'The Entertainment Adventure Capital of The World.'

In 2007 the Pleasure Beach was voted the top theme park in Britain and was also rated as the World's fifth best amusement park, in the Golden Ticket awards. Work has commenced on an adventure crazy golf course costing half a million pounds which is due to open in 2008 and will be a new feature.

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This 42 acre amusement park situated in the South Shore area of Blackpool is regarded as Britains biggest tourist attraction. In terms of visitor numbers, in 2006 it was ranked joint 11th most popular theme park in the world, sharing this position with Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida; and it was the only British amusement park in the first twenty five. Approximately six million people a year visit the Pleasure Beach. There are over one hundred and twenty-five rides and attractions, including twelve rollercoasters and three water rides.

There are rides of every kind at the Pleasure Beach: modern roller-coasters made of steel as well as traditional wooden ones. There are high adrenaline rides and family rides, with new attractions being introduced on a regular basis.